Wetlook Beauties

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A showreel of gorgeous wetlook models in tight wet jeans, wet leatherpants, wet sportswear, etc, enjoying getting wet in or around the pool, fountain or waterfall.  Beautiful girls, sexy attire, brilliant pool and facilities filmed in glorious HD video.  Fantastic!!!  Checkout www.wetlookbeauties.com.


jackiefun68 says:

I wished I was there with them!

Indecisive2 says:

Xena Kai just looks fantastic!

BloodAngel6the6king says:

beautiful Video, but please tell me the name of the song!

fiffers says:

@ 1.21 she’s marvelous… what a face… what a smile…

fiffers says:


juujuu948 says:

I want to fuck all of them x)

Lx3lover says:

Phantastisch gemacht: tolle Frauen mit schönen Bewegungen in den klitsch-nassen Klamotten !

pisciatto says:

sexy good

prarican says:

this is sooooooooo stupid

FanTalons says:

Très sexy !

doudoupino2 says:

Pretty girls wearing nice dress in cool wet places, AMAISING video, WOW…

Ragman41263 says:

Einfach nur genial,super Mädels,klasse Outfits,weiter so
P.S. `nen Update im Pelz ( Mantel oder Jacke ) mit Jeans und Stiefeln wäre der Oberhammer

FantasyStockings2 says:

Nice work. I am also very much into wetlook. Of course, I have a lot of it uploaded on my channel too.

masterqbaPL says:

YES – I agree! This is the best of wetlook 😀
<3 sub-sexy-scribbed! xD

boyinjeans says:

0:55 - 0: 59 Best part :))

cookiemonster9161 says:

damn hot

WAMpassion says:

Thank you very much for your nice compliments about our videos! This makes me happy 🙂

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