Recently Added Videos

Pretty Thai girls dancing at the Songkran water festival getting soaking wet in their jeans, shorts, shirts, tops and dresses from onlookers firing water guns.

A night-time wetlook scene as, after partying on a hot evening, two wild girls, one in a dress and one in a pants dress, run into the sea and cavort around, wading in the waves.

Cute girl in tight jeans and top gets thrown in the river.  Hmmm, lovely!

A wetlook photoshoot at an exotic beach location, featuring a gorgeous model getting wet in her Cocoa jeans, shorts and dress in the sea.  The stuff dreams are made of.  Outstanding!

Beautiful Brazilian girls tantalise the audience at a wet t-shirt contest.

Extremely pretty girl drenches her t-shirt for her loyal online followers.

Pretty girl swims in an indoor pool wearing her jeans and a long-sleeved shirt.  Some underwater shots and out of the pool poses.

Cute girl dances in the rain and jumps in the pool wearing shorts, t-shirt and long socks.  A quirky, enjoyable video, this one.


Two girls decide to dive into the pool in their jeans and t-shirts.


A showreel of gorgeous wetlook models in tight wet jeans, wet leatherpants, wet sportswear, etc, enjoying getting wet in or around the pool, fountain or waterfall.  Beautiful girls, sexy attire, brilliant pool and facilities filmed in glorious HD video.  Fantastic!!!  Checkout

Three women fully clothed, playing with their dogs, in the sea!  Plenty of wet jeans, wet pants, wet t-shirt, wet sweater and wet sportswear