Recently Added Videos

A girl slowly enters the shallows of a river and then tentatively dives headfirst into the fast-flowing water.  She then wades back to the bank in her wet top and dripping wet jeans.

Two pretty girls on a beach on a hot day don’t have their bikinis with them so they wade into the sea fully clothed.  After a short swim they paddle back to the beach in their wet shorts and wet t-shirts.

This time two girls decide to jump into the pool in the pouring rain.  One pushes the other one in first, then after she gets out they both jump in together.  They parade around in their wet jeans and wet t-shirts before jumping back in again.

The girls continue playing in the pool in their wet jeans and t-shirts, diving in, clambering out, removing some of their wet clothes and jumping back in again.

Two french girls make the most of their holiday swimming pool by playing in it with an inflatable chair while fully clothed.  They jump in and out wearing their wet jeans, wet t-shirts and a wet cardigan.

Girls in the Big Brother house decide to just jump into the pool.  Wild and wet action from four girls wearing wet jeans, wet pants, wet t-shirts, wet tops and a wet shirt.

Two girls, Sarah and Shea, play with their horses in the lake to cool off.  They have sooo much fun riding through the water as it washes over their wet jeans and wet tops.

Outstanding short wetlook movie by Theo from  It features three girls playing in a waterfall and looking cute in their wet jeans, wet t-shirts and wet sweater.  I did a blog post with photos from this fabulous wetlook shoot, to view that click here.

Two teenage girls cool off in a fountain on a hot day.  They splash and chase each other around until they are both soaked in their wet jeans and wet tops.

This brilliant fight on the beach from the 1972 Japanese movie  “Girl Boss Guerilla” (Sukeban gerira) features it’s two stars, Reiko Ike, dressed in shirt and pants and Miki Sugimoto, dressed in jeans and t-shirt, slapping each other and rolling around in the shallows.  This film I really gotta see!

Two girls run in and out of the sea in their jeans and tops, getting thoroughly soaked and then a third girl, in very tight jeans, decides to copy them.  Good stuff.

For no particular reason, two teenage girls decided to jump in their pool, fully clothed in jeans or shorts and t-shirts.  They found the experience to be awesome!!!