Beautiful Girl, Tight Wet Jeans

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A sexy girl in her tight jeans teases the camera as she slowly gets closer to the sea and then enters the shallows enjoying the sensations of the water soaking her jeans and clinging to her perfect figure.   BO SHACKALACKA!!!


tofrlok says:

Loveley Videoclip, nice, want more!

GuitarDude55xX says:

ew bro lmfao

Panoplie says:

You have so much sex-appeal, Yuliya.

conswella7171 says:

This almost made me cry

This video is soo hot but why the HELL dont u wear a belt?!? I mean really its such a small attachment but it makes vids like this perfect and soooo much hoter

janwetjeans says:

I Love to see girls in wet jeans, this is sooo sexy.

I like the 5:20 pose the most, but the wave on 5:45 is also perfect.

41568090 says:

This is beautyful..

jewllake says:

5:24 min classic pose

jewllake says:

thanks whoe ever you are for going BAREFOOT!!! and leaving the stupid shoes and socks off. I get so sick of all the other gals going wet with dumb shoes. Sexy wet naked feet are a great turn on w/ the wet jeans :)

XcarryonlittlebuddaX says:

lol @ her facial expressions xp

schmutz26 says:

Almost perfect. Would have been perfect if at some point she would have gone all the way underwater so we could see her wet hair.

NEPatriot says:

Absolutely beautiful…and the beach ain’t bad either!

jphfr56 says:

great video! Thanks to share.

Bruce Bryant says:

Great erotic movements!  What a turn-on!

bremermann1 says:


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