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Wetlook from Germany with a girl slowly wading out into a river to cool off and swim in her skin-tight wet jeans and wet t-shirt.

Pretty Denisa goes bathing in the river in her black leather jeans and t-shirt.  She relaxes on an inflatable bed before wading to the shore.

A sexy girl in her tight jeans teases the camera as she slowly gets closer to the sea and then enters the shallows enjoying the sensations of the water soaking her jeans and clinging to her perfect figure.   BO SHACKALACKA!!!

Polish super sexy model, Ewa Sonnet, cavorts in and out of the sea in a body-clinging, red, wet dress which amplifies her bounteous charms.  Drool!!!  See more at the Busty Pl Site

Two funny teenage girls run fully clothed into the sea.  They wade out again and revel in their wet jeans and wet t-shirts.

Two girls have a friendly wrestle in a fountain.  Pushing and pulling each other into the water and completely soaked in their wet jeans and wet t-shirts.

A sexy pop video featuring lithe, nubile singer and dancers, in and out of the sea.

More clips of the river girl playing in the water in her soaking wet jeans, wet shirts and wet t-shirts.

Another compilation of the river girl’s swim in her wet jeans, wet shirts and wet t-shirts.

A compilation of wetlook clips of a girl playing in a river in various wet jeans, wet shirts and wet t-shirts.  Think the camera operator had ants in his pants!

Sexy girls in skimpy, wet t-shirts and wet shorts, gyrate on stage, performing raunchy dance moves in order to win the wednesday night wet t-shirt contest.

More wading, swimming and diving in wet jeans and wet tops as Russian girls enjoy cooling off in a fountain. For more visit: